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These are the contacts for the subdivisions of the Waikele Community.
If you cannot find your subdivision in this list : 

Call the Main WCA Offices at: (808) 676-1991

Sub Association

Property Manager

Phone Number

CelebrationsTouchstone Properties566-4100
 Lillian McCarthy

Fairway VillageHawaiiana Management593-6860
 Tom Heiden

HighlandsHawaiiana Management203-5219
 Kim Hieda

Ho`okumuHawaiian Properties440-6521
 Susan Nichols-Afuso

Ho`omakaHawaiian Properties440-6521
 Susan Nichols-Afuso

Ho`omaluHawaiiana Management593-6354
Kim Akana

Mahi KoHawaiiana Management593-6354
Kim Akana

Park GlenHawaiian Properties539-9747
Naomie Ramos

Park ViewHawaiiana Management593-6815
Randall Cagaoan

Royal PinesWaikele Community Association 676-1991
Property Management Office

The GreensHawaiiana Management593-6354
 Kim Akana

Hawaiian Properties539-9719
John Jepsen

Viewpointe Hawaiiana Management593-6897
 Peter Choy

 Village on the GreenTouchstone Properties566-4100
Jadean DeCastro