Covenants Corner

Aloha and welcome to the Covenants Corner on the Waikele Ohana website. This page will be used to address any covenants concerns or announcements in the community, and will be updated on a routine basis.

Violations Letters, better known as Reminder Letters

Do not be alarmed by the term “Violation letter.” Although it is my job to enforce the Waikele DCC&Rs, my violation letters or reminder letters are really not as harsh as it may sound. It is more like a courtesy letter sent out to homeowners, as a friendly reminder that something on their property is not in compliance. In the content of the letter, it clearly expresses the intent of the community in maintaining the aesthetics and rules of the Waikele community. The letters are a way of opening a proper communication channel between the association and homeowner. It opens the opportunity for the homeowner to contact our association and clear up any infraction, or misunderstanding on their property. Our association has helped many homeowners, with resolving any type of non-compliance, complaints or misunderstanding on their property.

Understanding the Waikele’s DCC&Rs can be overwhelming as the documents are full of terms and conditions that are not familiar to just anyone. Here in the office we have the resources and training to assist residents with their questions and concerns. We are more than happy be of assistance in any way! Please do not hesitate to call us during regular business hours or drop us an email by visiting our website at:

Summer Celebrations and Gatherings

During the summer many residents may host small gatherings to commemorate Fourth of July weekend, or to help celebrate a recent graduation accomplishment. Please keep in mind the following community rules and guidelines:

Party Tents:
“Party tents, tarps and temporary structures such as lean-to`s, luau enclosures, etc., may be erected without Modifications Committee approval, provided that the owner shall not continue to use the structure beyond the special event for which it is planned and shall expeditiously remove the tent or temporary structure after its use. Placement of any such structure on any Lot for any purpose longer than four (4) days requires application and approval. No application/review fee will be charged for such requests.” (Waikele`s Rules & Guidelines (Section IX: Rules & Guidelines, Item 30: Party Tents and Temporary Structures)

Quiet Enjoyment:
“No noxious, offensive, or immoral activity shall be carried on upon any Lot, nor shall anything be done or placed thereon which may be or become a nuisance, or cause unreasonable embarrassment, disturbance, or annoyance to other Owners.” DCC&R Article IX: Land Classification and Restrictive Covenants; Section 9.03 (R) Quiet Enjoyment)

Air Conditioning Units (A-C)

During these summer months, you may be considering installing an air conditioning unit. As a kind reminder, if you are planning to install an air conditioning unit, be sure you first get a permit approval. All exterior modifications do need to have a permit accompanied with work. Air conditioners that are visible to the street or adjacent property need to be concealed from view. For split system units, utilizing potted plants or landscaping are an acceptable solution, provided that the landscaping is keep in a thriving state and screens the unit entirely. For low maintenance solution, consider using a silk plant. Window or wall units on the other hand will require a more permanent solution for concealment. For the convenience of our homeowner the association has a Pre-Approved Louvered Design, which is available to homeowners and contractors. It is the uniformed design that has been used throughout Waikele for the past 15 year. For referral information, please contact our office.

Landscape Concerns

As a friendly reminder, I would like to remind all homeowners to continue maintaining their yards on a regular basis. Especially during the warm summer months, extra watering may be required in order to maintain yards in a green and healthy condition. Maintaining your yard on a regular basis is always encouraged.

As stated in our community Rules and Guidelines:
“All landscaped areas will be maintained in a neat, attractive, green and healthy condition. What constitutes “completed landscaping” shall be determined by the Covenant Enforcement Committee, but as a minimum, grading, weeding (removal of all noxious weeds and vegetation), soil preparation, finished seeding or planting of a suitable ground cover, and the planting or emplacement of plant and non-plant landscaping materials to a sufficient degree that the majority of the committee members agree that the area or Lot in question is a “completed landscape” rather than primarily “red dirt and weeds” will determine whether the landscaping requirements of these rules and guidelines have been met.” (Waikele`s Rules & Guidelines Section IX: Rules & Guidelines; Item 5: Landscaping)

Renting Your Home

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make certain that all tenants of the home, guests or renters are well aware of Waikele Rules and Guidelines. In the past our office has responded to noise disturbances in the community that emanated from homes that were rented. On several occasions our office has sent Community Safety Team officers to respond to neighboring complaints and document ongoing activity. Please take the opportunity in educating your tenants or property manager of the community rules by visiting our website at for a copy of the latest Rules and Guidelines issue. All citations and or fines are issued to the homeowner.

We also recommend homeowners contact the WCA office at (808)676-1991, prior to renting out their home, so that we can obtain on file all necessary information such as contact phone number or mailing address.

If you have any additional concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me at (808) 676-1991.